How To Write A Critique Essay?

Such paper as a critique essay is widely used in the educational programs all over the globe as a tool for improvement of students analyzing and critical thinking skills. What is the definition of a critique essay?

A critical essay is a composition that offers an analysis, interpretation, and/or evaluation of a text.

This type of essay is a bit different from the usual one. When a standard five-paragraph essay is a more creative task, written based on your personal thoughts and ideas, this particular type of paper is a kind of feedback to some other work (for example, an article, movie or book). The main purpose of such text is to analyze a specific scientific or creative work, methodically testing its usefulness, validity, and effectiveness of every component.

Writing this paper can be difficult if you have never done it before. It has different goals and requirements that you have to meet. However, with a good understanding of what you need to do and a clear template in your mind, it won’t be as difficult to handle this task and, in this article, we will give you all of these details.

How To Write A Critique Paper Outline?

The majority of students will not find it difficult to draft an outline for this paper because its components are the same as in a usual essay with only a few slight distinctive features. Using the outline and best summarizing tool provided from Assignment Writing, you will write this text promptly and easily.

  1. Introduction
  2. Begin your text with the name of the work you are going to review and evaluate, and its author;
  3. Make a short summary of what you are going to write about in your work;
  4. Give a thesis statement;
  5. Body Paragraphs
  6. First argument
  7. Give short explanation of your point using quotes and facts to support it;
  8. Make a clear connection between the argument, your thesis, and provided quotes / examples;
  9. Second argument
  10. Use another arguments and evidence to support your second point;
  11. Third argument
  12. Do the same for your third idea;
  13. Summary
  14. Make a restatement of your thesis;
  15. Give a logical summary

How To Write A Critique Essay?

To create a worthy paper, you need to follow the teacher’s guidelines. Normally, your teacher is the one who defines what style, structure or format you have to use, and, most often, a teacher will tell you what work you need to write your critique for. Although a five-paragraph critique essay format is the most widely used one, it is not always appropriate because your teacher or institution may have different demands. However, the context of such paper, as a rule, remains standard. To write a great critique essay you need someone for creative writing.

Here is a short template of a correct structure and format that is applicable in the majority of cases:

Paragraph one:

  • General info about the chosen piece (book, article or another), date when it was published, and its author;
  • A brief summary of the work’s context;
  • The purpose and subject of the piece that you are evaluating;
  • The main ideas of the piece;
  • Your first impression about the work (it will be your thesis statement);

Main Paragraphs (about 3-5):

  • Analysis and critical assessment of the work;
  • Discussion of the author’s style, techniques or methods;
  • Assessment of the piece’s relevance, usefulness, and effectiveness;
  • Supporting examples, quotes, arguments, and proofs;

Closing paragraph and reference list:

  • Define your final evaluation of the discussed piece;
  • Short summary of the most significant points and arguments;
  • Reasonable recommendations for improvement;
  • A list of used sources (references) in the correct style defined by your teacher.

How To Start A Critique Essay Writing Process?

The writing process should start with a choice of topic. As was mentioned earlier, teachers usually provide you with all the necessary materials, including the book, article or movie that has to be analyzed. However, if the choice of topic is up to you, here are a few examples:

  • Critique of Plato;
  • Critique of “The Final End of The Wicked” by Edward Fudge;
  • Contradictory ideas in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”;
  • “The Great Gatsby” – a critique of capitalism;
  • A critique on the Character and Citizenship Education;
  • “To kill a mockingbird”: distinctive features of the movie and book;
  • Review on Nietzsche’s Critique of Religion;
  • Essay on OPEC, The Website;
  • Ideas of revenge and moral values in “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare;
  • Film critique on “Dances with wolves”;
  • Critical evaluation of Confucian Morality;
  • Review of Woodcock Johnson III Diagnostic Reading Battery;
  • Assessment of the of M Stack and D Kelly’s article “Popular Media, Education, and Resistance”;
  • A summary of the article “Science Of Desire”;
  • Evaluation of “Is there a God?” by Bertrand Russell.

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